Corporate Profile

Bank Islam’s relentless drive to pioneer change is rooted in its status as Malaysia’s maiden Shariah-based bank. Since its inception in July 1983, Bank Islam has not only become the symbol of Islamic banking in Malaysia, it has also played an integral role in setting the stage for a robust growth of the country’s Islamic financial services industry (“the industry”). As the flag bearer of the industry, the Bank intends to pave a future of unparalleled innovation and unlimited possibilities in Islamic finance.

The Bank has grown from strength to strength over the years. From the seed capital of only RM80 million initially, Bank Islam’s shareholder funds swelled to RM2.5 billion as at December 2010, a testament to its successful long-run growth plan.

True to its pioneering and innovative heritage, Bank Islam is committed to its role as a leading vehicle in transforming Malaysia into a global Islamic financial hub. To this end, Bank Islam continuously develops and introduces trend-setting financial solutions, some of which are the first-of-its-kind in the world or at least in the region in widening the breadth of its innovative end-to-end Shariah-based financial products and services, comparable to that offered by its conventional counterparts.

From the traditional financing, savings and investment types of products exclusively for individual customers in the early years of establishment, Bank Islam’s Shariah-based financial solutions today are all-encompassing including those related to micro finance, wealth management, capital market, business banking, investment banking, treasury and structured products, among others, customised to suit financial needs of all customers at every stage of life. Customer centric focus is the main thrust in pushing the Bank to constantly evolve and bring its capability and capacity up to date.

In line with its philosophy that “the customer is king”, Bank Islam is resolute in paving the way forward for the industry through high responsiveness to customer needs, above-par service standards, continued overall innovation, within reach delivery channels and across-the-board customer care initiatives, all for the sake of providing outstanding banking experience. Today, Bank Islam parades a wide-ranging list of more than 50 innovative and sophisticated Islamic financial products and services as well as a fast growing network of 119 branches and more than 1000 self-service terminals nationwide.

Notwithstanding the increasing number of Islamic financial products, services and players in Malaysia and abroad, Bank Islam will continue to play its role as a pioneer-leader in enhancing its first-mover advantage and unique value propositions while reinforcing Malaysia's distinctive competitive advantages as a leading international centre for Islamic finance.

In recognition of its prominence in the industry, Bank Islam was awarded the Reader’s Digest Platinum Award for being the Most Trusted Brand for Islamic Financial Services for three consecutive years, namely in 2009, 2010 and 2011– a significant milestone in its journey towards becoming “the global leader in Islamic banking”.

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